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Start Walking and Enjoy Country Walks

A Sunday afternoon spent leisurely walking and rambling in the great British countryside is medicine for the soul. With so many beautiful country walks available, finding one that’s within easy reach of your home shouldn’t present a problem.

Whatever the season, a country walk is a health benefit to all who participate, increasing blood circulation, strengthening the heart and other muscles, and leaving the walker feeling invigorated and energised. Yes, it’s true. Rather than feeling weary after walking, you’ll find that a country walk will leave you with more energy than ever!

Before setting out on your country walk, it’s important to check the weather forecast. After all, you don’t want to have to carry heavy coats, scarves and other cold-weather clothing while walking if it’s going to be a scorcher. This is especially important in spring and autumn, when weather changes can be radical. Comfortable walking boots are essential regardless of the weather.

Review holiday cottages, bed and breakfast establishments, hotels and hostels available for ramblers at our rambling and walking accommodation pages.

A back-pack is an essential part of walking equipment, and if you’re planning to go walking regularly, it’s worth investing in a quality backpack that will be comfortable to wear. Your choice should be big enough to carry a light-weight waterproof jacket, a thermos for warm drinks, an insulated pad for sitting on, plasters and other emergency medical supplies plus enough room for snacks. Try one of our outdoor equipment shops and suppliers for your clothing and apparell.

Where you decide to take your country walk and how much walking you do will depend on your level of fitness. A nice, easy ramble along country lanes, enjoying the flora and fauna of the hedgerows, is often more than enough for those who aren’t used to strenuous walking, while other will prefer the challenge of hill walking, choosing country walks that take them into more varied terrain.

Too many of us spend most of our time indoors, or in the heavily polluted atmosphere of cities and large towns. By participating in country walks with a rambling club you’ll have the chance to enjoy the fresh air of the countryside, take in the scents, hear the sounds, and, perhaps most important of all, walking will improve your health.

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