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UK Caravan and Camping Sites

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Caravan and camp sites

Whether your preference is for a tent, caravan, motorhome or trailer tent there are a plethora of campsites within the UK and Europe.

Becoming popular in the early 20th century camping spans a broad range of age, ability, and ruggedness and campsites range from a patch of dirt, to a level, paved pad with sewer and electricity.

Specialised camping includes survivalist, adventure, boutique and contemporary, amongst others. However, it is with contemporary camping that we are most familiar as this form is often used to refer to holidays on a campsite where the accommodation is in a mobile home and enables families predominently in France and Spain to enjoy the outdoor life, but with facilities that include fully-equipped kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Caravanning and camping is very much a social pleasure and because of the bonding this type of camping promotes, it can also be used as a personnel training facility.

If you own or know of a camping site or caravan site suitable for walkers and ramblers please submitting a listing. If approved users can update and manage the information free of charge at any time.