Outdoor Shop in Devon

When David discovered soft and sustainable bamboo back in 2006, he knew he’d stumbled across a viable and environmentally sustainable business. From those early days back in David`s garage, today there is a team of 40. Sustainability is at the core but the staff at Bamboo offer an excellent product, excellent service and have fun.

Bamboo is super soft – it is to cotton what cashmere is to wool. Softer and more luxurious, the fabrics at Bamboo Clothing feel amazing next to even the most sensitive skin.

When clothes start to smell it is because of bacteria. Moisture doesn`t sit on the surface of the Bamboo fabric,so air cannot reach the odour causing bacteria. Therefore your clothes stay fresher longer.

Bamboo can create clothing that is breathable so you do not overheat but dense enough to be warm. Wearing bamboo helps keep your body at an even temperature.

Outdoor shop in Devon – Bamboo Clothing