Rambling Club in Derbyshire

Erewash Ramblers are a local group of the Ramblers` Association who are based in south east Derbyshire.

There are plenty of local walks organised but most take place outside the Erewash area.
8 – 10 mile walks are arranged on alternate Sundays, 6-7 mile walks on alternate Mondays and 5-6 mile walks on alternate Thursdays.

A series of shorter walks on Wednesday mornings (3-4 miles) have also proved popular.

Walks with this rambling club in Derbyshire are open to everyone, as is the case with all Ramblers` Association groups.  Simply turn up at the meeting point but should you wish to continue walking, it is requested that you become a member of the Ramblers` Association after 2 or 3 walks.

A full walking programme can be found at Erewash Ramblers.