Rambling Club in Kent

Maidstone Ramblers

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of this rambling club in Kent. The club offer a programme of graded walks on Sundays and Wednesdays. These are mostly in Kent and East Sussex and all are led by experienced leaders.

Easy access walks use easy access paths and are suitable for everyone.

This includes disabled people in conventional wheelchairs.

Easy walks are suitable for everyone with no mobility or specific health problems.

Leisurely walks are more suitable for walkers with a little experience and of reasonable fitness.

Moderate graded walks, the club believe, should only be undertaken by experienced walkers. They should have a good level of fitness because these walks may include steep paths.

Because the walks graded as Strenuous will require an above average fitness level, the club believe they should only be attempted by experienced walkers.

Most importantly, very fit, experienced walkers only should attempt Technical walks. This is because such walks may include scrambling.

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