Rambling Club in West Midlands

Halesowen Ramblers

Established in 1986 this rambling club in West Midlands currently boast around 160 members, mostly between the ages of 50 and 80.

The members are a friendly, lively group of enthusiastic walkers who enjoy exploring the countryside.

The club welcome potential new members who can participate in up to two walks free of charge. A decision must then be made whether or not to join the club.

The club offer a varied and graded walking programme. The easy walks will be on reasonable pathways with no steep climbs.

Moderate walks may involve steep climbs. Strenuous walks which may be over paths which are not be very good. These strenuous walks may also include grade 1 scrambles.

Walking locations are across the Midlands area. The club also organise walking trips further afield to areas such as Wales and the Peak District.

See Halesowen Ramblers.