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Find answers on how to submit, update and remove a listing on the Rambling Club website and how to upload images

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Adding A Listing to the Rambling Clubs Website

Registering for an Account with Rambling Clubs

To add and manage a listing on this website you must first register your details including:

  • A username
  • A current email address
  • A password that must contain at least 10 of mixed upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and characters such as *^

Once you have entered your user name, email address and chosen password click the Register button.

There is
for a listing on our website

If you do not have a registered account please
Register Here

If you already have a registered account please log in HERE

You have now arrived at the Listing Details page

Please include the following in the form provided:

  • The Listing Name
  • Your Location
    Add your postcode first, you will then see a list of choices
    Add any additional information including house number, road, town, county.
  • Select a Category
  • Either Rambling Clubs or Rambling Accommodation or Outdoor Shops (One Only)
  • Add your telephone number in the correct format
    I.E. 015*2 *** ***
  • Your full website address
    Including http:// or https:// I.E.
  • Your current email address
  • Social Media
    Google+ IGNORE
  • When applicable add your full Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, UTube or Pinterest web address including https://

Listing Media (Adding Images)

Next you will need to add a suitable image which will display at the top of the page


The larger the image the better the quality of the online image
As a guide the image should be a minimum of 1024 pixels

Please follow the instructions under the Listing Media heading.
I.E. click the Add Media button and follow instructions.

The main image size should be a minimum of 1024 pixels.
This will display better than one that is 500 pixels wide or smaller.

Adding A Logo to the Description Field

If you are adding your logo at the top of the listing description field please ensure this is a small image, maximum 80 pixels high.
The image can be centred using the icons along the top of the description field.

Listing Description

In your own words please
of your Shop or Club in the Listing Description field supplied

NEVER copy information direct from your web site

Please give as much information as possible.


Add a link to your website using the paperclip in the icons above the listing.

The Tags field must be left blank, we will complete this once we review your listing.

After you have submitted your listing, you will receive an email confirming your listing has been added to our database.

Before your listing goes live on the website it will be reviewed by us.
You will be notified when your submitted listing has been reviewed and approved.

Password Recovery

Click the Password Recovery link to recover your password.
Enter your registered email address and you will receive an email to assist you in re-setting your Password.
Please keep your password in a safe place and NOT stored on any device.

Edit Your Profile

You can edit your Profile by clicking the Edit Profile link on the website Here you can update your name, email address, your personal description, add an avatar and an image.

Your Listing

Once you are logged in place the curser over your User Name in the top right hand corner of the website and click on Listings.

Here, you will see the current state of the listing you submitted when you signed up.

On this page you can also:

  • Edit your details by clicking on the pencil
  • Check your subscription
  • Delete the listing completely

If you are logged in you can create a new listing by clicking on the Create a Listing link.

If you cannot find the answer on this Rambling Clubs Help Page or require assistance with anything else please email: