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Many people discover the health benefits of rambling, so more and more ramblings clubs and rambling associations are born.

One of the oldest rambling clubs in the UK celebrated it`s golden anniversary in 2004.
There are rambling clubs and associations situated in all corners of the UK. Whilst some have a healthy group of members who meet regularly for walks others consist of just a few keen ramblers.

A common misunderstanding is that rambling clubs are only for the ultra-fit – those who can keep up a quick pace for miles on end, over rough terrain and whilst carrying a heavy backpack. The truth is, anybody who can walk can join a rambling club or a rambling association.

More importantly those who are depressed or lonely are advised to join a rambling club as there`s something about getting out in the fresh air with a group of people and just walking that lifts a person’s mood and bonds them with the group.

Most clubs arrange walks of different grades. Who joins which walk depends entirely on the individual`s level of fitness and their own personal preferences.

Walking in the Cheviot Hills, a non commercial walking website with information on various walks in the heart of the Northumberland National Park

Often, you will find a walking club will allow individuals to participate in a walk or two as a visitor before deciding whether or not rambling is for them. Some rambling associations and clubs arrange ‘beginner walks’ – shorter, more easy-going walks geared especially towards those who are new to the sport.

However this does not mean that only those who are new to the sport can join a rambling association. Some people ramble alone for years before eventually joining a rambling club while others have maybe moved away from the area covered by the rambling association they were members of.

Whatever your reason for wanting to join a rambling association, there`s bound to be a rambling and walking club in your area that will welcome you into its fold. Why wait? Join a rambling club today and get on your way to a healthier life.

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