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Outdoor Equipment Shops and Suppliers in the UK

Suppliers of outdoor equipment including clothing and apparrel

Hiking, Walking, Rambling Shops and Equipment Suppliers

With an increasing number of people becoming aware of the health benefits of exercise, hiking, walking equipment is of paramount importance.

The correct shoes for instance will put less stress on the joints and while you’re walking you will need to keep warm and dry.

Walking and Rambling are available to anybody who can walk, and range from sedate hikes along flatland paths to strenuous trips with each hike lasting several hours and with the trip continuing over several days.

Some equipment will be necessary whether you choose flat level walking or Hill walking, although it isn’t advisable to invest in every imaginable piece of equipment . A sturdy pair of hiking boots are a must, as is a comfortable backpack and a warm, waterproof jacket.

If you know of a shop that supplies equipment and clothing for hikers, walkers and ramblers please why not help them!

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