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Worldwide Walking and Rambling Accommodation

Accommodation Around the World for Ramblers and Walkers

We are pleased to provide information on submitted accommodation outside the UK for ramblers and walkers.

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of the word rambling is “spreading or winding irregularly in various directions”.

The world is a smaller and much more accessible place and our rambles may now take us to all four corners of the globe - up mountains, down into valleys, across dry deserts, anywhere that our hearts may lead us.

Consequently, there are many and varied forms of accommodations to shelter us in the course of our travels – from the good old bed and breakfast in the UK, to gites in France, Spanish paradors or even Mongolian yurts and ice hotels in colder climbs – all provide a warm welcome to the weary traveller.

This information has been supplied by the venues and owners and no warranty is provided by for the information listed.

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